Impara l’italiano online e migliora le tue competenze attraverso i nostri corsi e risorse di altissima qualità

Analisi dello studente e dei suoi obiettivi

Si parte dall’analisi del singolo studente, si delineano gli obiettivi e le caratteristiche personali dello studente

Pianificazione del percorso didattico

A partire dallo studio fatto, si procede a pianificare il piano di studi, con tappe chiare e delineate, rispettando le preferenze personali e valorizzando le qualità dello studente

Lezioni, esercizi & feedback continuo

Inizia il lavoro vero e proprio con lezioni personalizzate al 100%, spiegazioni chiare, conversazione con feedback continuo, esercizi, compiti per casa e molto altro

Raggiungimento dell’obiettivo

Con costanza e impegno si raggiunge l’obiettivo prefissato e si continua verso la tappa successiva


Cosa dicono di me

Vince is an excellent teacher – Calm, patient and knowledgeable on many subjects. Always punctual. Studying with him for over a year has significantly enhanced my ability to listen, understand and speak the Italian language. I highly recommend studying with Vince!

– Rob da Los Angeles

Vince is a great teacher and he has helped me a lot over the past few months. I was learning Italian to help prepare for a visit to Italy this summer and Vince helped me a lot preparing for the trip. We went over commonly scenarios that a tourist would encounter and this helped me a lot since these types of phrases didn’t come up in normal conversations with other tutors. I really feel that because of the lessons I took with Vince my trip to Italy went smooth and I was able to use Italian functionally to order food, understand announcements in stations, make reservations, etc. Ti ringrazio Vince! Grazie mille

– Alex da Boston

The time really flies when chatting with Vincenzo. He is a very interesting person who is knowledgeable on many topics, and I appreciate the suggestions of additional materials to further my learning.

– Margaux

Naturally as a beginner I have frequent questions, but no matter what I ask Vince during a lesson he’s ready with an explanation and examples. He’s also probably one of the most patient instructors I’ve ever had! I would definitely recommend:)

– Mitch